Moving Towards a Greener Future! TBEA Sunoasis Present at REI Expo in India


On September 28, 2022, the Renewable Energy India (REI) Expo opened in Delhi, India. As one of South Asia's largest international professional exhibitions focusing on renewable energy, the REI Expo has attracted power plant operators and representative photovoltaic companies from all over the world. At this event, TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TBEA Sunoasis) unveiled its latest 1500V 4.4MW central inverter and string inverter to boost the development of green energy in South Asia.


As the world's third largest photovoltaic market, India is dominated by large-scale ground-mounted solar power stations. TBEA Sunoasis launched new-generation 4.4MW central inverter for the Indian market, which is characterized by flexibility, convenience, safety, reliability, easy operation and maintenance, and can be better applied to large-scale ground-mounted solar power station projects. This product features an advanced I-type three-level design that enables the maximum inverter efficiency of 99%. At the same time, an intelligent forced air cooling technology is adopted to achieve rated running at 50℃, which has received much attention and recognition from on-site customers. In addition, the 1500V string inverter TS360KTL-HV on display also attracted visitors to stop and learn about it because of its outstanding advantages such as efficient power generation, safety, reliability, grid friendliness and intelligent operation and maintenance. The string inverter TS360KTL-HV is perfectly matched with high-power modules, with a protection level of up to IP66, which can adapt to various extreme environments. The inverter has passed HV and LV ride-through certification, supporting the grid in extreme grid environments. The inverter is equipped with a PV string I-V scanning and fault diagnosis system developed by TBEA Sunoasis, with a scanning accuracy of above 96% and the highest level (L4) of certification in the industry. "One key operation" completes the whole process reliably.


In response to the new power quality problems of power system such as grid fluctuation caused by output power fluctuation and discontinuity, TBEA Sunoasis demonstrated the intelligent STATCOM with high reliability, low loss, fast response and grid friendliness, providing product support for solutions to the stability of power station voltage and reactive power. In recent years, India's PV market has developed rapidly. TBEA Sunoasis is committed to serving green energy worldwide, and has also formed good cooperation with local PV project owners, developers and EPCs, and participated in the construction of several local PV projects. In the future, TBEA Sunoasis will always carry out technological innovation to improve quality and efficiency, contributing green energy to the world and creating a better life.