Chasing the Light, TBEA Sunoasis’ Appearance at WFES in Abu Dhabi


World Future Energy Summit (WFES) was grandly held from January 16th to 18th, 2023, at National Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi. As the world's leading green and smart energy service provider, TBEA Sunoasis made a stunning appearance with a series of products, displayed the latest technology, to help the development of green energy in the Middle East.

WFES is the largest and most influential world-leading renewable energy exhibition and conference in the Middle East. At the exhibition site, the technicians of TBEA Sunoasis provided professional product explanations and considerate services to the audience. The booth was full of visitors, and there was an endless stream of overseas customers who came to consult and negotiate.

Residential inverter making a wonderful debut

With the high increase of distributed PV generation, at this exhibition, TBEA Sunoasis exhibited a new generation of 8-25kW residential inverters for the first time.Excellent, safe and reliable design of efficient power generation, intelligent operation and maintenance has met the higher needs of customers in different scenarios. Once the product unveiled, it won the favor of on-site visitors and attracted many customers to visit and consult.

Efficient Power Generation

In response to the diverse application requirements of photovoltaic scenarios in the international market, the residential inverter brought by TBEA Sunoasis can flexibly adapt to large modules, effectively reducing the mismatch loss caused by different roof orientation.

Safety and reliability

The new generation of residential inverters has module-level fast shutdown and AFCI functions, and operates stably in the entire grid scenario. The IP66 protection and C5 anti-corrosion design can be used in various complex scenarios to help customers create extremely safe photovoltaic systems.

Intelligent operation and maintenance

TBEA's smart residential inverter supports remote one-click upgrade, monitoring and maintenance, effectively improving the operation and maintenance efficiency. At the same time, with the support of TB-eCloud smart energy management platform, it can help the digital operation and maintenance of power stations.

Attractive strength of hard-core products


Deserts and dust in the Middle East are severe, and the maximum temperature can exceed 60°C, which puts forward more stringent requirements for the protection level, operation stability, and power grid governance capabilities of power station equipment. In the face of such difficulties, TBEA Sunoasis brought intelligent STATCOM products with high reliability, low loss, fast response and more friendly to the power grid. Using online intelligent redundancy technology, automatic removal of faulty modules, providing constant reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor, comprehensive compensation, providing dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic compensation, with strong environmental adaptability, up-to IP65 protection level, TBEA’s products have met various requirement of customers, escorted the power quality management of PV power plants, and shown the Middle East market the strong strength of TBEA Sunoasis.

In addition, the 1500V TS300KTL-HV string inverter displayed on site has the features of friendly grid connection, safety and reliability, high-efficiency power generation, and intelligent operation and maintenance. It adopts specific harmonic suppression and new impedance adaptive technology, supports SCR~1.2, can effectively reduce current harmonics. The product is perfectly compatible with 182/210 efficient solar panels, and up-to IP65 protection level can adapt to all kinds of extreme environment, thus providing the perfect solution for customers.
As a vital role in the "Belt and Road" initiative, the Middle East has an important influence in the world energy market. TBEA Sunoasis actively explores cooperation paths and strives to contribute to the development of new energy cooperation along the “Belt and Road”. As the first large-scale ground-mounted photovoltaic power station in Saudi Arabia since the release of "Vision 2030", the Sakaka 300Wp photovoltaic power station project was successfully connected to the grid. TBEA’s 45MVar+30KVar water-cooling SVG is used as the power quality solution to provide stable power quality guarantee for local photovoltaic power stations.

This time, TBEA's new generation of residential inverters was well received by the audience and brought smarter PV solutions to customers. The Middle East is one of the emerging PV markets globally. In the future, TBEA will continue to take the opportunity of the "Belt and Road" initiative, adhere to technological innovation, deeply cultivate the Middle East market, accelerate the process of globalization, provide customers with cutting-edge technologies and excellent products in the industry, thus boosting global low-carbon development.