Energy management system

Park-type energy Internet (microgrid) mainly provides green energy solutions for science and technology parks and industrial parks. The microgrid energy management system is the "smart brain" of the microgrid. It adopts the "double-ended" architecture of station end and cloud end, and has a micro-second level microgrid central controller. Through the coordinated source-grid-load-storage control, the system intelligently optimizes and dispatches the energy used in the park, providing a safe and reliable operation strategy for the microgrid operation in the industrial park.

Product features

Multi-time scale intelligent dispatching

It can provide multi-time scale intelligent dispatching of microgrid based on various operation modes such as demand response, "source-grid-load-storage" coordination, power grid auxiliary service and isolated island low carbon.

Source-load power forecast

High-precision power generation and consumption prediction technology based on big data and deep neural network can accurately predict wind power, PV and power load power in microgrid.

Real-time monitoring of "source-grid-load-storage"

It can collect real-time information of all equipment related to the "source-grid-load-storage" of the park microgrid, and realize "double-end" monitoring at the station end and the cloud end;

Technical strength

  • AI-based electric power dispatching control technology

    This technology includes AI power forecasting technology, multi-time scale optimal dispatching technology, micro-second level real-time stable control technology and virtual synchronous machine control technology. It has 2 international core patents and 9 national core patents.

  • Demand response technology based on two-part tariff

    For the first time, the demand response technology and economic optimization dispatching algorithm based on two-part tariff are introduced into industrial parks, which can realize the double fee reduction for basic tariff + kWh tariff, reduce industrial electricity cost and improve the economic effect of enterprises;

  • The system has a wide range of applications

    The service scope of the system includes PV system, wind power system, energy storage system, electric vehicle charging pile and load system, including all links of "source, grid, load and storage" in the electric power system. Thus this system can be widely applied to energy management and dispatching on the power generation side, grid side and load side.

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