Household PV business support system

Focusing on the development, construction and post-operation and maintenance services of household power stations, a standardized household business process system and data model are established to realize efficient coordination and rapidly provide large-scale development, construction and O&M services of household projects. The system has a complete engineering management process, supply chain process, change process, financial process and mobile O&M process to maximize the development efficiency and O&M level and ensure project revenues.

Shortcoming analysis

  • 01

    Mobile O&M

    Household PV power stations are scattered with a large number, and conventional PC software is not applicable for the actual business demands. To this end, it is necessary to establish a mobile O&M mode that integrates positioning and opening, address navigation, work order execution and data monitoring.

  • 02

    Lack of work order closed-loop management

    In the process of processing work orders for household projects, there is no whole-process control over work order generation, quotation, dispatching, service feedback, customer return visit, service evaluation and other processes.

  • 03

    Frequent changes and lack of supervision

    Due to the frequent changes in the construction process of household projects, the conventional model fails to effectively realize the process supervision, resulting in inconsistencies.

  • 04

    Insufficient coordination among multiple business roles

    Household projects are highly associated with various business roles such as farmers, agents, EPC, banks, suppliers. The conventional model results in insufficient coordination.

Product features

Intelligent analysis

Meteorological resources are introduced into the platform and a multi-dimensional data analysis model is established to make comprehensive analysis and evaluation from electricity quantity, fault, equipment, O&M and other aspects, to quickly locate abnormal points.

Smart O&M

Guided by the end-to-end process system, a perfect intelligent O&M management system is established, which can quickly identify the power station problems from the current states, reviewing the historical data, and predicting the future outlook upon accurate evaluations. This product can also realize efficient implementation of O&M operations in combination with work order management, patrol management, spare parts management and settlement mode management.

Engineering Management

An information management system is designed to integrate card activation, survey, design, contract signing, shipments, construction, grid connection and completion, to realize information sharing and collaboration of business processes before, during and after an activity, realize transparent management, improve delivery efficiency and reduce delivery cost.

change management

Establish a standard change management system, establish a complete change process from the links of power station change, dealer change, engineering change, design change, etc., to ensure the consistency and integrity of information in the early, middle and late stages of household projects, and avoid wrong versions of goods. different phenomenon.

supply chain management

Based on the two-level warehouse, design a closed-loop supply chain management process system. Realize that dealers submit stocking applications according to the design BOM list, and complete delivery and follow-up management according to the construction power station, so as to realize the transparency and informationization of supply chain management. Reduce financial risk and avoid misleading and missing collars.

Technical strength

  • Big data architecture

    The system, by using distributed architecture settings, supports dynamic expansion, and provides an infrastructure guarantee for the rapid development of household business.

  • Safety and security guarantee

    The system sets a variety of security protection strategies from the perspectives of application security, data security, network security and host security to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system to the greatest extent.

  • Establish a full interconnection mode

    The system realizes the connection with enterprises, people and equipment, including the interconnection of banks, distributors, EPC entities, O&M entities, power generation equipment, O&M personnel and other related parties, and realizes the full interconnection mode.

  • Direct acquisition of multi-protocol data

    From the perspective of the third party, the system establishes a variety of equipment data acquisition protocols to realize direct data acquisition and ensure the integrity and authenticity of data.

Value embodiment

  • Provide basis for dealers' rewards and punishments

    The system compares and analyzes the construction quality and O&M quality of each dealer, to judge the strengths and weaknesses, and provide data support for later rewards and punishments.

  • Provide basis for equipment selection

    The system, by using big data technology, accurately evaluates the equipment of each manufacturer, and provides data support for later equipment selection.

  • Power generation increased by 5%

    The system realizes 020 O&M mode, and through proper combination of online and offline methods, it can quickly identify and solve faults, reduce power loss and improve power station revenue.

  • Project development efficiency increased by 40%

    The system provides a complete set of process management flow, which realizes a standardized and transparent engineering process, and improves the efficiency of engineering development by more than 40%.

Related cases

Household PV Project in Shandong

After the project was put into operation, the inverter capacity reduction defect was accurately identified through the data analysis of "TBEA E-Home", and the overall income of the project was increased by 1% after timely treatment.

Cave Dwelling Project in Shaanxi

Cave dwelling in Yan'an area of Shaanxi province was disadvantaged by complex structure, difficult construction and long cycle. TBEA applied its "TBEA E-Home" to realize transparent process management and improve project development efficiency by 40%.

Sunlight Room Project in Jiangxi

Based on the characteristic conditions of Jiangxi region, TBEA has launched a sunlight room project for local residents. Now, all power stations can be monitored and operated in real time through the "TBEA E-Home" system, and the overall rate of return is more than 9.4%.