PV area monitoring system

PV power station monitoring system is a set of monitoring system developed for renewable energy PV power station. The system can realize real-time monitoring of data, remote equipment control, early warning of equipment failure, historical data query, reporting, and other basic functions, as well as power station index analysis, power station health analysis, equipment operation analysis and other advanced functions. Therefore, the system can meet the daily O&M requirements of PV power stations, improve the management efficiency of PV power stations and the O&M level of PV power stations, shorten the equipment downtime, expand the generation capacity of PV power stations and increase the overall investment yield of PV power stations.

Product features

Equipment operation analysis

Obtain the running status of equipment at any time through string current anomaly analysis and dispersion rate analysis.

Power station health analysis

It can recommend improvement measures according to the comprehensive analysis results of a power station, to provide the information reference for better O&M work.

Power station index analysis

It includes the comprehensive analysis of theoretical power generation and PR value, providing data support for O&M quality assessment.

Fault alarm

The equipment alarm information is pushed in time to reduce the outage time of the power station.

remote control

Remote control of equipment improves operation and maintenance efficiency.

real-time monitoring

Massive data is collected at high speed, stored regularly, and displayed in real time.

Technical strength

  • Proven products

    With completely independent intellectual property rights, the products are proven and reliable. Covering power grid companies and power generation groups such as State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, those products have been applied to more than 60 PV power stations, energy storage power stations and microgrid systems at home and abroad.

  • Team advantages

    With over 50 software experts, the team has rich experience in monitoring system development and O&M, and can solve various problems for customers in time.

  • Massive data access capability

    It supports the collection, transmission, processing and storage of millions of data, and can be applied to large-scale PV power stations and energy storage power stations with a scale of 100MW.

  • Digital modeling

    CIM modeling technology is adopted, which is compatible with different topologies and different equipment types.

Related cases

PV area monitoring system of Guyuan 180MW PV power station

The PV area monitoring system of Guyuan 180MW PV power station can provide various services such as monitoring, control, O&M data analysis of main equipment in PV areas, which can reduce cost per KWh and O&M cost and increase power generation capacity.

PV area monitoring system of Shihezi 600MW PV power station

Upholding the idea of intelligent monitoring and efficient O&M of PV power station, the PV area monitoring system of Shihezi 600MW PV power station, built based on SW-6000 communication management machine, integrates real-time monitoring, equipment analysis, report management and alarm system, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional monitoring system, reduces the operating cost of power station, and safeguards the power generation income of power station.

Vietnam VSP Binh Thuan 50MW PV power station monitoring and analysis system

Vietnam VSP Binh Thuan 50MW PV power station monitoring and analysis system can comprehensively monitor the main equipment such as inverter, box type transformer and combiner box in PV areas, and is designed with the analysis functions regarding power station system efficiency, string current dispersion rate, inverter output power dispersion rate, and inverter conversion efficiency.