Accurate assessment system of solar energy resources

The system, based on the measured meteorological data of power stations, integrates the information from global mainstream meteorological sources (NASA, Meteonorm, Solargis, FY-4 meteorological satellite and national meteorological stations). For the practical problems such as inaccurate assessment of domestic solar energy resources, this system innovatively establishes an light resource assessment model that combines measured meteorology with mainstream meteorology to provide accurate light resource assessment services for the early development of the project.

Product features

Generate assessment report with one click

Quickly generate assessment reports in a second to assist the early decision-making of the project

Efficient solution

The efficiency of project PV resource assessment is improved by more than 50%, and the time of resource selection in the project evaluation process is greatly shortened

Close to reality

Inaccurate assessment of solar energy resources in development, design and transfer stages leads to increased investment risks of projects

Technical strength

  • Theoretical research

    The radiation model for mainstream solar energy resource assessment platforms such as NASA, Meteonorm and SolarGIS has been deeply studied.

  • Product experience

    With rich experience in light resource assessment services, hundreds of PV power projects have been accurately measured.

  • Team background

    Led by experts, the team is rich in experience in pre-project development and design, familiar with the current situation of domestic light resource assessment, and aware of the characteristics of mainstream meteorological sources at home and abroad.

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