Flexible DC converter valve

The globally pioneering ±800kV/5000MW flexible DC transmission system converter valve developed by TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd., is designed with non-locking overhead flexible DC transmission series technology, which solves the three major problems when flexible DC transmission system is applied to overhead transmission lines in the industry: DC fault self-clearing and system restart, reduced DC voltage operation and valve bank online withdrawal. In one fell swoop, the voltage level of flexible DC transmission has been raised from ±500kV to ±800kV, and the transmission capacity has been raised from 1 million kW to 5 million kW. In this way, the main performance indicators are at international leading level, leading the technical development of flexible DC transmission industry.

Flexible DC

Flexible DC power transmission is applied to the long-distance transmission of main power grid and asynchronous interconnection of power grid. It has great advantages over traditional AC power transmission in terms of transmission capacity, transmission distance, power quality and network security.