Turnkey Solution


  • Integrated and Convenient

    Integrated and Economic Prefabricated and pre-te sted,simple installation onsite without internal cabling Standard container design for easy transportation High capacity,reduce quantity of MV equipment,save investment of the whole plant

  • Safe and Reliable

    Stable and Reliable P54 protection for LV and MV room. IP68 for transformer body C4/C5 anti-corrosion,adaptable to harsh  environments

  • Effcient and Smart

    Efficient and Smart  Low power consumption,Tier 1/2 PEl efficiency LV panel,transformer and RMU real-time monitored,LV panel and RMU remote controlled

  • Grid Support

    Grid Support Comply with standard IEC60076,IEC62271-200/202.IEC61439. EN50588-1 MV voltage up to 36kV to


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