C&l String Inverter

The product is applied to household and small commercial rooftop photovoltaic power stations, with a power range of 8kW~50kW. With its flexible component adaptation ability, extremely high protection and anti-corrosion level, excellent DC overload and overload capacity, complete AC/DC side protection function, friendly grid connection characteristics, and convenient operation and maintenance tools, we create an extremely safe, reliable, efficient, and intelligent rooftop photovoltaic power station for users.


  • High Reliability

    High Power Generation Max.Efficiency 98.6%,European efficiency 98.4% MPPT current 32A,suitable for high-power and bifacial PV module 10 MPPTs and 20 PV inputs, reduce the mismatch loss caused by different roof orientation Max. DCIAC ratio up to 1.5,and support 1.1 times overload output capability

  • High Availability

    Safety and Reliability IP66 protection,C5 anticorrosion Compatible with wide power anid voltage and high harmonic power Supports Type II DCAC surge protection, optional AFCl function

  • High Cost Performance

    Intelligent O&M Remote one-click upgrade Intelligent string detection Inteligent remote monitoring and maintenance,improving O&M efficiency by 50%


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