Centralized inverters

The three-generation centralized inverter-booster integrated machine series products (2500kW/3125kW/4400kW) are characterized by high power generation efficiency, high protection level, low initial investment cost and convenient installation and maintenance, and are mainly used in centralized PV power station scenarios.


  • Grid Friendly

    Supportive to Grid  Specific harmonic control technology,effectively reducing THDi  Impedance adaptive technology, supporting weak grid network SCR~1.2  Night SVG  Fast active & reacive power response,supporting power dispatch

  • Safety and Reliability

    Stable and Reliable IP65 & C5,& robust environment adaptability Dual air duct heat dissipation& built-in heat exchanger

  • Effcient Power Generation

    Efficient and Economical Maximum efficiency 99.0%,European efficiency 98.7% Optimized MPPT algorithm,ensuring maximum power generation eficiency 16-20 inputs optional,match 182/210 bifacial modules perfectly

  • Convenlent Maintenance

    Integrated and Convenient Modular design of power modules,easy for maintenance Fan,capacitor life prediction,transition from passive to active maintenance


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