High voltage static var generator (SVG)

Grid-friendly TSVG products produced by TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd. with high reliability, low loss, and fast response are designed to provide various control modes such as constant reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor, comprehensive compensation, and provide dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic compensation to meet various needs of customers and ensure stable operation of power system.

Power Quality

TBEA Sunoasis provides 3.3kV~35kV/1Mvar~120Mvar full series of high voltage static reactive power generator products. Thanks to its high-voltage chain topology structure and such characteristics as advanced control system architecture and control strategy, modular structure design concept, fast response, small covering area and wide compensation range, the system has been widely used in renewable energy power generation, metallurgy, rail transit and other fields with frequently changing loads, providing system power quality solutions. At present, the cumulative application performance of TSVG products exceeds 13Gvar.