High voltage static var generator (SVG)

Grid-friendly TSVG products produced by TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd. with high reliability, low loss, and fast response are designed to provide various control modes such as constant reactive power, constant voltage and constant power factor, comprehensive compensation, and provide dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic compensation to meet various needs of customers and ensure stable operation of power system.

High Voltage Static Var Generator (SVG)

Intelligent String Type Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System Solution


  • High Reliability

    On-line intelligent redundancy technology,automatic removal of faulty modules; Good environmental adaptation,the IP65 protection level is possible.

  • Low Loss

    Closed-loop control output harmonic content,reduce switching frequency,IGBT calorific value,power loss <0.8%.

  • Fast Response

    This product is designed with DSP + FPGA control framework,the main frequency is 200M,the reactive power switching is less than 5ms,and the reactive power command response time is less than 5ms.

  • Grid Eas Connection

    This product has high and low voltage ride-through capability thus complying with the Code on Security and Stability for Power System (2019).  SCR ~ 1.0, Low/high voltage ride through (L/HVRT) Active & reactive power and power factor control



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