PV String I-V scanning and Intelligent Diagnosis System

Applicable modules: mono-crystalline, polycrystalline, single-sided, double-sided, imbricated modules; applicable brackets: fixed bracket, fixed adjustable bracket. Applicable terrains: large photovoltaic power stations with little change in terrain such as flat land. It is not limited by the module brand and model, string networking mode or voltage level, but is only suitable for TBEA string inverters with V scanning function.

Core Advantages

Enhancing the overall competitiveness of string inverters in the market

  • Power generation index analysis module

    Through the research and development of this project, we have comprehensively improved the market competitiveness of string inverters, thus helping increase the chances of winning string inverter bids and the company’s income from the manufacturing sector.

  • Real-time data display module

    The technical advantage of this project will become the "technical moat" for TBEA’s string inverters.

  • Communication module

    Through the research and development of the project, we solved the problem of "technical bottleneck" in the past sales process of string inverters.

Industry Certification