PV area monitoring system

Technical strength

  • Data acquisition, data storage, data forwarding, and real-time communication with photovoltaic field equipment

  • Obtain the real-time status of photovoltaic power generation through the real-time status of the primary wiring diagram and other pictures

  • Change the running state and adjustable value of the equipment through control and remote regulation instructions

  • Analyze indicators such as PR, available hours and availability

  • Display reports on inverters, power generation, and radiation quantity

  • Give an alarm for device anomalies, faults, and off-limit changes in measurement data

  • Flexibly configure the structure of power plant equipment, inverter status and string current structure

  • Provide historical data query at different times and on different devices

Core Advantages

  • 1

    Aid decision-making

    Multidimensional index analysis can reflect power generation capacity and equipment performance; problems are discovered in advance through data mining.

  • 2

    Ensure production

    Provide full-cycle, multi-solution, secure, efficient, and accurate monitoring services.

  • 3

    Leading architecture

    Due to cross-platform design and B/S architecture, support multiple communication protocols; fully support localized hardware and up to 1GW single-power station access, with low access cost, and high reliability

Application Scenarios

Large-scale ground-mounted power station

Solar-Agricultural power station

Mountain power station

Distributed power station

Distributed power station

Distributed power station