Centralized Operation System For Renewable Energy Power Stations

Functional Advantages

  • Intelligent centralized monitoring

    Realize the fine supervision of the production process of photovoltaic enterprises from group, region, power station to equipment level, and analyze the operating status of power stations at any time.

  • Active push of abnormal information

    The one-click export of abnormal information ensures that all devices operate properly, improves device performance, and reduces losses arising from faults.

  • Precise data monitoring

    Gradually realize the management mode of "unmanned on duty, few-people on duty", form a regional O&M center, and reduce labor costs

  • Establish a standardized fault system

    Improve the fault code knowledge base, accurately guide fault handling, reduce the non-scheduled shutdown time; provide centralized control of equipment historical data, develop prediction model, and transfer unplanned work to planned work

  • Establish a result-oriented big data analysis system

    Comprehensive analysis of power station operation level. Through group analysis, plant analysis, equipment analysis and O&M analysis, comprehensively evaluate the operational performance of power stations to improve the O&M quality.

  • One-click export of intelligent report

    Establish a standardized report template and automatically generate operation reports periodically to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency

  • Cleaning prediction

    Relying on the power prediction system of wind farms/PV power stations, a pattern recognition model is established to automatically evaluate the power generation loss and push the cleaning warning information, so as to guide the scientific cleaning of power stations and improve the power generation.

  • Convenient mobile services

    Through mobile APP, device information and daily reports can be pushed automatically to realize convenient business supervision.

Application Scenarios

Large-scale ground-mounted power station

Wind power + energy storage station

Mountain power station

Centralized wind farm

Distributed power station

Photovoltaic + energy storage station

AI Applications

  • Intelligent report analysis

  • Intelligent IV scanning

  • Result-oriented data analysis

  • Intelligent component cleaning

  • UAV thermal imaging

  • Visual inspection

Data Asset

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Taking a 150MW photovoltaic power station as an example, the annual increase in revenue for the power station is about 970,000 yuan.