Plain wind power plant solution

Plain wind power projects are mainly concentrated in plain areas such as Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and Anhui in China where the general wind speed is relatively low with characteristics of big wind shear in projects. The increase of hub height may have obvious effect on improvement of energy output. They mainly make use of local farm lands, water conservancy lands near riverways and lakes for construction. Their construction periods are relatively short and mainly for local consumption.

Technical strength

  • Perfect economic evaluation system for different wind turbine hub heights; selecting optimum hub height rationally in areas with big shear.

  • Flexible choice among various tower forms including soft tower, steel-concrete tower, semi-rigid tower and so on.

  • Application of ultra-low wind speed models, with the exploitable mean wind speed on the height of 80m lowered to below 5m/s.

  • Combining LiDAR and mesoscale simulation technology, fulfilling precision assessment on resources in short term, thus shortening the development time

Related cases

Dabancheng 100MW Wind Power Project

The project adopts an intermediate-speed permanent magnet generator with an impeller diameter of up to 171 meters and a hub height of up to 100 meters. It has the largest impeller diameter and swept area in China, and adopts the most advanced Lidar wind measurement technology and the box-type substation with the largest capacity among offshore wind farms in China. After completion, the project is expected to generate 174,551.86 megawatt-hours of electricity annually. Compared with coal-fired power plants of the same scale, it will save about 53,221 tons of standard coal and reduce about 136,033 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, which will contribute to the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, and promote the economic and social development and comprehensive green transformation of the autonomous region.

Turpan 100MW National Demonstration Power Station - the Largest Wind-Solar Power Station in China

This project is the first 100MW wind-solar complementary power generation demonstration station in China, and the supporting MW-level efficient and high-voltage grid-connected control inverter and high-voltage grid-connected power distribution equipment are supporting products for large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic systems with independent intellectual property rights developed in cooperation with domestic outstanding scientific research institutes, enabling TBEA to take another solid step on the road of innovation and development.