Integrated smart energy design solution

With a total design performance of more than 27GW of renewable energy projects, the Company has accumulated rich design experience, mastered the design technology and optimization experience of the integration of renewable energy power generation and different industries and fields, and can provide customers with comprehensive smart energy project design and consulting services in a variety of scenarios, and provide solid technical support for the realization of the "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" goals. More than 15 "zero-carbon" application scenarios have been planned and designed for six sectors, namely zero-carbon industrial park, zero-carbon agriculture, zero-carbon transportation, zero-carbon construction, zero-carbon ecological restoration and zero-carbon energy base. So far, more than 10 projects have been completed, including the construction planning scheme of Shenergy Hengsha Island Zero-carbon Park, the design planning of Xi 'an Industrial Park

  • Industrial and commercial roof

    Industrial and commercial roof
  • Industrial park

    Industrial park
  • Photovoltaic base

    Photovoltaic base
  • Wind power base

    Wind power base
  • Commercial complex

    Commercial complex
  • University

  • BIPV

  • Solar town

    Solar town
  • Reclamation of wasteland

    Reclamation of wasteland
  • Photovoltaic sand control

    Photovoltaic sand control
  • High-speed railway station

    High-speed railway station
  • Airport

  • Expressway

  • Solar-animal husbandry complementation

    Solar-animal husbandry complementation
  • Solar-agriculture complementation

    Solar-agriculture complementation
  • Solar-fishery complementation

    Solar-fishery complementation