renewable energy power station design solution

With advanced technology to drive business innovation, the company has built a digital design platform integrating digital wind resource evaluation, digital engineering design and 3D transmission line design functions. It has realized the life-cycle design and management of wind farms, and can offer 3D digital design schemes of renewable energy that meet domestic and international design and transfer standards, as well as 3D design schemes of 35kV collector lines of domestic wind farms and SGCC’s 220kV and below transmission lines. Based on big data analysis and intelligent information cooperation and sharing, the digital engineering design system combines the 3D engineering management system and the project post-evaluation system to build the digital engineering ecosystem from nine aspects, including macrosite selection, resource evaluation, micro site selection, economic evaluation, project design, project construction, project construction management, project O&M, and project op

Zero-carbon park simulation system, multi-dimensional data-based accurate evaluation system for solar energy resources, and digital wind resource evaluation platform

SLGPS data processing, 3D routing design for SLW3D overhead transmission line, 3D assembly of hardware, tower internal force analysis and calculation, tower intelligent lofting drawing, and 3D power cable design

3D real-scene modeling, 3D cable laying, 3D model and environment rendering, electrical design of substation, finite element modeling analysis, digital photovoltaic design, 3D image processing, 3D design of site and road, integrated architectural design, structural analysis and design, and collaborative design management

Related cases

Photovoltaic + wind power design capacity up to 20GW+ TBEA has designed more than 800 photovoltaic projects, more than 200 wind power projects, and more than 80 power transmission and transformation projects for 29 provinces (regions), and more than 30 overseas projects.

  • 110KV Transmission Line for Kostanay Region 50MW Wind Power Project in Kazakhstan - Transmission ...

    We have undertaken more than 20 planning and system access projects, more than 70 main network projects and more than 200 distribution network projects.

  • Step-up Substation of Hami Hai Renewable Energy 13th Division Wind Power Project - Substation System

    So far, we have carried out power transmission and transformation design business , Shaanxi and other provinces and regions, and have directly won the bidding and undertaken more than 80 220KV and below power transmission and transformation design projects entrusted by tertiary industry design institutes.

  • TMS Distributed Rooftop PV Power Generation Project in Vietnam - Rooftop PV System

    The TMS Distributed PV Power Generation Project in Vietnam has a total design capacity of 1,634.76kWp, of which the first phase is 916.56kWp distributed on one roof, and the second phase is 718.2kWp distributed on two roofs, which are connected to the low-voltage switchboard equipped in the plant through 400V line. This project adopts self-generated and self-use power generation mode, and makes use of the abundant irradiation resources in Vietnam to provide the project owners with abundant profits. The design process of this project focused on solving such problems as module orientation and roof structure alignment.

  • Malaysia’s 50MW Large-scale Solar (LSS) Power Generation Project - Complex Mountain Photovoltaic ...

    Malaysia's 50MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project was divided into two sub-projects, 2MW and 48MW, located in the Kudat area of Sabah, Malaysia. It is the first large-scale ground-mounted photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project in Malaysia. The project is located in Southeast Asia. Such acute problems as local lightning storm, rainfall, fire protection, line land acquisition were solved through advanced lightning protection, drainage, fire protection, overhead line design. During its design process, through system modeling, reasonable allocation and optimal design, we not only reduced the total project investment, but also met the owner's requirements for AC power output. The performance ratio (PR) of the power station system was more than 83%. The project is located in Southeast Asia. Such acute problems as local lightning storm, rainfall, fire protection, line land acquisition were solved through advanced lightning protection, drainage, fire protection, overhead line design.

  • Taizhou Jiangyan District 13.5MW Solar-fishery Power Generation Project - Floating Photovoltaic ....

    The project, located in Yuxi Town, Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, was divided into 9.5MW business mode and 4MW poverty alleviation mode. The project land includes two lakes and several ponds. During the design process, considering the particularity of aquaculture products, the spacing of modules was optimized to minimize the influence of module occlusion on the pond temperature. Considering the local meteorological and hydrological conditions, in the design process, the potential PID effect risk was reduced by using the single-point grounding solution when the series inverters were connected in parallel.

  • Large-Scale Ground-mounted Photovoltaic System of Bahawalpur 100MW Solar Power Plant Project in ....

    Located in the Thar Desert in Bahawalpur District, the plant is the first solar power plant in Pakistan. Covering an area of 1.4 square kilometers and with an investment of 215 million US dollars, it will deliver about 150 million kWh of clean electricity to Punjab every year. The power supply will continue for 25 years. Based on 200 kWh of electricity per household per month, it can meet the electricity demand of about 750,000 households, effectively alleviating the severe power shortage in the province and greatly improving the natural environment, economic development, social stability, investment environment, the normal production of enterprises and people's daily life in the nearby area.

  • Guyang Phase I 100MW Wind Farm Project - Plain Wind Power System

    Guyang Xingshun West Wind Field Phase 1 100MW Wind Field Project is located in Xingshunxi Town, 32km north of Guyang County, Baotou City. It is planned to install 10* 2.0MW wind turbines and 35*2.3MW wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 100.5MW. The wind farm covers an area of about 33km2. The 20MWp photovoltaic power station of this project adopts the design of photovoltaic and wind power farm, sharing a 220kV step-up substation, achieving the advantage of wind-solar complementation. Meanwhile, the low-voltage cable of the wind farm in this project adopts advanced aluminum alloy cable, which can effectively reduce the cable cost by 45%, serving as a demonstration for the engineering application of aluminum alloy cable in subsequent projects.

  • Mountain Wind Power System of Hami Jingxia 200MW Wind Power Project

    The project is located in the Gobi Desert on the north side of Lianyungang-Khorgos Expressway (National Highway G30) in the southeast of Hami. The center of the wind farm is about 10km away from National Highway G30, 145km away from Hami City, and 626km away from Urumqi, the capital city of Uygur Autonomous Region. The project covers a total area of 49.47 square kilometers, with a total investment of 378.35 million yuan and an annual on-grid power of 5,266,982,300 kWh.

Qualifications and Honors

Integrated Smart Energy Design Solution

With a total design performance of more than 27GW of renewable energy projects, the Company has accumulated rich design experience, mastered the design technology and optimization experience of the integration of renewable energy power generation and different industries and fields, and can provide customers with comprehensive smart energy project design and consulting services in a variety of scenarios, and provide solid technical support for the realization of the "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" goals. More than 15 "zero-carbon" application scenarios have been planned and designed for six sectors, namely zero-carbon industrial park, zero-carbon agriculture, zero-carbon transportation, zero-carbon construction, zero-carbon ecological restoration and zero-carbon energy base. So far, more than 10 projects have been completed, including the construction planning scheme of Shenergy Hengsha Island Zero-carbon Park, the design planning of Xi 'an Industrial Park