PV power station solution in complex mountainous regions

For complex mountain and terraced photovoltaic projects, the company’s professional Renewable Energy Class B design institute can use Bochao, Candela, smart3d modeling, cc modeling, eps mapping and other digital three-dimensional design software for fine analysis and use the digital design platform for shadow occlusion simulation analysis, multi-angle plant layout, inverter layout and cable routing simulation design. In this way, power generation can be increased by more than 5%, effectively reducing construction costs and ensuring project safety. At the same time, we have established a team specialized in construction, acceptance and delivery for operation, to provide you with the whole process of design, construction, delivery, operation services.

Technical strength

  • Multi-channel MPPT is configured to overcome the challenges brought by rugged terrain and improve power generation.

  • A variety of PID effect solutions are used to reduce power generation loss.

  • Inverters with high protection level can be used in various harsh environments.

  • It can be connected to TB-eCloud to realize centralized management and intelligent O&M of the power station.

Related cases

Tianlin 60MW Photovoltaic Power Station, Guangxi

The project has a construction scale of 60MWp, a planned capacity of 78.65088MWp at DC side, and a PV/inverter ratio of 1.31. The average annual power generation is about 76,880,600 kWh, and the average annual comprehensive utilization hours are 977.49h.

Guanling 100MW Photovoltaic Power Station, Guizhou

Guanling Shaying Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station is located in Jingjiaping Village and Jiangxiping Village, Puli Township, Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Guizhou Province. The planned total installed capacity of this project is about 200MWp, and the construction capacity for current phase is 100MWp.

Yingshan 120MW Photovoltaic Power Station, Guizhou

Pu’an Yingshan Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station, located in Qingshan Town, Pu'an County, Guizhou Province, has a planned installed capacity of 120MW and covers an area of about 21.33 ha (3,200 mu). A 110KV step-up substation was built for this photovoltaic power station, which is connected to the 110KV side of Yinshan 220KV substation by a 110KV circuit, with a length of about 8km.

Yunnan Qiaojia 240MW Photovoltaic Power Station

Qiaojia County Haiba Photovoltaic Power Station is located on the north, east and west hillsides of Dayandong Village, Laodian Town, Qiaojia County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. The project uses pasture land, cultivated land and unused land to build a photovoltaic power generation project. The planned land for the project is 5232 mu , the total planned installed capacity of the AC side is 240MW, and the planned total installed capacity of the DC side is 321.7536MW.

Photovoltaic Grid-connected Inverter

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