Household PV solution

Targeted at a single user, the solution uses photovoltaic power generation and energy storage technology to provide an integrated microgrid solution for clean energy utilization.

Branded Advantage

Intelligent O&M

Intelligent O&M platform, intelligent monitoring, intelligent O&M, and accurate service

Service informatization

Information management system, electronic signing, automatic design, and online management

Supply integration

Logistics supply guarantee, regional warehousing center, convenient logistics support, and lower operating costs

Technical standardization

Business standardization, design standardization, training standardization, and quality standardization 

  • An independent legal entity with the general tax income registration completed.

  • A stable management team consisting of more than 5 people and a well-established installation service team.

  • A strong product promotion and after-sales service ability.

  • Permanent office site in the agent area.

  • Small and medium-sized warehouses for goods storage and distribution.

  • Identifying the business model of household PV of TBEA.

Cooperation Model

  • Dealer

    Roof resource development; roof site selection survey, application and filing of power grid installation, cable and auxiliary materials procurement, power station installation, grid connection and acceptance; undertake the O&M of power stations; obtain installation and O&M revenue.

  • Renewable energy company

    Provide funds for the construction of household power station system equipment; purchase a four-piece set for household power station, including components, supports, inverters, and combiner boxes; formulate technical standards; cultivate and improve dealers’ ability

TBEA Yijia

TBEA Yijia household photovoltaic solution means that a user signs a 25-year cooperation agreement with TBEA to jointly build a rooftop photovoltaic power station, under which the user provides his own roofs with clear property rights, while TBEA provides high-standard photovoltaic systems. The user does not need to make a down payment, guarantee or loan, and can obtain fixed income every year during the 25-year cooperation period.

Usage Scenario

Reduce energy consumption and protect the roof (sun room)

Improve the roof thermal insulation and waterproof performance, and make full use of roof space

High-standard, and more assured (cave dwelling)

High-standard design and professional construction, without damage to the roof structure

Long yield with guarantee (flat roof)

A cooperation agreement is signed between both parties, with 25 years of stable income guaranteed.

Zero investment, no risk (pitched roof)

The owner has zero investment, no loan, no guarantee, and only needs to provide a roof with clear title

Intelligent Operation Platform

Contact Information for Investment Promotion

  • Jiangxi Company

    Manager Yan


  • Hebei Company

    Manager Li 


  • Shandong Company

    Manager Li 


  • Henan Company

    Manager Liu


  • Shaanxi Company

    Manager Guo