New power distribution solution based on power router

In the field of smart microgrid, TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd., led by the power router as a high-end technology, and supported by key products such as microgrid cloud platforms, energy management systems and modular energy storage systems, has developed a "double-ended, three-tiered, multi-scenario" smart microgrid solution.

  • Ac/dc Hybrid Distribution Network

    "Grid-source-load-storage" is connected uniformly by the power router, which has high efficiency. Seamless switching between grid connection and off grid is stable and reliable. Energy router is used to replace the traditional inverter, energy storage converter, gateway interface cabinet and central controller, highly integrating primary and secondary equipment.

  • Flexible Interconnection And Flexible Loop Closing Of Distribution Network

    The flexible loop closing can realize the flexible connection of the feeder lines of the distribution network, and it has the basic functions of asynchronous loop closing and fast transfer. At the same time, it also has three flexibility functions, namely optimizing the spatio-temporal imbalance of line load, optimizing the network loss and voltage regulation, and improving the consumption of distributed renewable energy.

  • Solid-state Power Source

    The power router can replace the traditional power frequency transformer, UPS, low-voltage distribution cabinet, compensation device and other equipment to directly supply power for IT load efficiently and reliably.


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