Cultivation and Development

Taking the vision of "being a global excellent green and smart energy service provider" as the basis, the development strategy of "one main body and two wings" as the center, "development for and by employees, and sharing achievements with employees" as its original aspiration, the Company will comprehensively plan and design the talent development blueprint and build the talent development system.

Talent Ability Improvement

Following the guiding principle of "apply what you learned and learn for use", the talent ability improvement work is oriented by the company's business, guided by the position qualification, based on the ability and quality model. Centering on the current situation of trainees' ability and potential and combined with the 7-2-1 learning rule, "TMT", "100-people plan", "Group Star Projects" and other management training and core professional and technical personnel training have been set up.

Construction of Dual Career Paths

The Company fully bases itself on the actual development and organizational needs of employees, takes qualification as the main line and promotion as the impetus, and fully constructs the dual career development paths of management and specialization.

Learning platform

Comply with the development trend of the digital age, and build a digital learning system with the help of the digital development platform - Lexue network.

Lexue network, an online learning platform meticulously built by TBEA, integrates online learning, live broadcast, examination and competition. The programs cover leader training, 100-people program, qualification learning and key projects of each branch. Following the principles of being simple, applicable and efficient, Lexue Network makes learning interesting, informative and targeted.