Smart PV system solution

In the field of photovoltaic power generation, TBEA Sunoasis can provide clients with intelligent photovoltaic system solutions covering project development, investment (financing), design, construction, intelligent equipment, power station commissioning, and O&M. The solutions are fully adapted to large-scale surface power stations, floating power stations, power stations in the mountainous region and other scenarios.

  • Utility Solutions Station Solution

    Large-scale surface power stations are usually located in an environment with relatively flat terrain, and the photovoltaic modules are oriented in the same direction without obvious occlusion. The power stations are relatively large, whose output can be fed into 110kV/220kV high-voltage transmission network after voltage boosting.

  • Utility Solutions in Complex Mountainous

    For complex mountain and terraced photovoltaic projects, the company’s professional Renewable Energy Class B design institute can use Bochao, Candela, smart3d modeling, cc modeling, eps mapping and other digital three-dimensional design software for fine analysis and use the digital design platform for shadow occlusion simulation analysis, multi-angle plant layout, inverter layout and cable routing simulation design. In this way, power generation can be increased by more than 5%, effectively reducing construction costs and ensuring project safety. At the same time, we have established a team specialized in construction, acceptance and delivery for operation, to provide you with the whole process of design, construction, delivery, operation services.

  • "PV+" Power Station Solution

    Various large-scale agricultural photovoltaic, fishery photovoltaic, forestry photovoltaic, animal husbandry photovoltaic solutions, "photovoltaic +" ecological governance, and desert photovoltaic solutions

  • Residential PV Solution

    Targeted at a single user, the solution uses photovoltaic power generation and energy storage technology to provide an integrated microgrid solution for clean energy utilization.

  • C&I Solution

    It is a photovoltaic solution designed for the roofs of industrial and commercial plants and buildings. This type of power station can be connected to a low-voltage distribution network, or 10kV/35kV medium and high-voltage network; there are such problems as module orientation, angle inconsistency and shadow occlusion. Such power stations are the main form of distributed photovoltaic applications.


Intelligent Operation Platform