TBEA sunoasis Attends Intersolar Europe 2022 for New Zero Carbon Future


On May 11-13, 2022, Intersolar Europe, a global professional solar energy exhibition and trade fair, was held in Munich, Germany. TBEA sunoasis presented its latest 1500V inverters, STATCOM HV static reactive power generators, energy storage systems and other multi-scenario system solutions in the exhibition, to help PV become one of the main energy sources in the world. Many people visited TBEA sunoasis's booth for consultation in the warm atmosphere of communication.


Power generation, transmission, distribution and consumption scenarios create a new ecology of new power system

Carbon neutrality is the consistent action of global major economies. One of the key paths is energy restructuring and energy efficiency. In the exhibition, TBEA sunoasis focused on power electronics technology and displayed new power electronics equipment solutions in multiple scenarios of power generation side, transmission side and distribution side to create a new ecology of new power system.


The most popular smart PV solution of TBEA sunoasis has the features of efficient power generation, safety and reliability, friendly grid connection and intelligent operation and maintenance, further improving power generation efficiency and reducing LCOE. The 1500V string inverter TS360KTL-HV, launched for the first time in the international market, is perfectly matched with high-power modules, with a maximum MPPT current of 48 A and a protection level of up to IP66, being suitable for various extreme environments. The inverter has passed HV and LV ride-through certification, with SCR≥1.2 and THDi≤1%, supporting the grid in extreme grid environments. The inverter is equipped with a PV string I-V scanning and fault diagnosis system developed by TBEA sunoasis, with a scanning accuracy of above 96% and the highest level (L4) of certification in the industry. "One key operation” completes the whole process reliably.


On the transmission side, in response to the new power quality problems of power system such as grid fluctuation caused by power station output fluctuation and discontinuity, TBEA sunoasis demonstrated the intelligent STATCOM with high reliability, low loss, fast response and grid friendliness, providing product support for solutions to the stability of power station voltage and reactive power. TBEA sunoasis proposed a solution to the scenario of flexible DC offshore wind power transmission, and the solution can reduce the footprint of converter valves by about 30% and the weight by about 20% compared with previous projects.

TBEA sunoasis's energy storage system solution is based on modularized and refined design, which integrates BMS, PCS and EMS to achieve 3S efficient management, multi-level linkage and PACK-level fire protection as safety guarantee, and four-level thermal management design for electric cells, modules, battery banks and container thermal analysis, providing safe, efficient and intelligent complete energy storage solutions to further enhance the grid friendliness and comprehensively enhance the whole life cycle benefit of energy storage system.

During the exhibition, many international key customers visited TBEA sunoasis's  booth and signed orders for 100MW string inverters on site.

Power technology innovation is one of the key paths to achieve the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. In the future, TBEA sunoasis will increase its innovation drive, make continuous efforts in the international new energy market, continue to provide better solutions for customers with its technological advantages in power electronics, further expand its influence in the international market, jointly promote the development of green energy, and realize the "Zero Carbon Earth Dream".