Explore Better Photovolatic Solutions! TBEA Sunoasis Makes Its Debut at the Intersolar South America


The 2022 Intersolar South America unveiled in Sao Paulo, Brazil from August 23 to 25, 2022. TBEA Sunoasis drew wide attention with its smart photovoltaic solutions, new power system reactive power compensation, and voltage control system solutions, demonstrating its technical strength. 


The new energy sector has seen rapid development in Latin America amid energy structure adjustment and industrial transformation and upgrading. Catering to local demands, TBEA Sunoasis set its sight on power electronics technology and brought multi-scenario solutions and products dedicated to power generation, transmission, and distribution. It explored the future development of zero carbon with new energy industry experts and partners worldwide to form a new ecology of the new power system.


The booth of TBEA Sunoasis, staffed with professional technical lecturers, was popular with visitors. In particular, the latest 1500V series inverter TS360KTL-HV has been widely recognized for its sound grid connection, safety and reliability, efficient power generation, and convenient operation and maintenance. In view of abundant large-scale ground power stations in the Brazilian market, TBEA Sunoasis also demonstrated the centralized inverter TC3125KF and its supporting SKID scheme. 

It also introduced the intelligent STATCOM characterized by high reliability, low loss, fast response speed, and smooth integration into the grid, to address power quality problems, such as power grid fluctuation caused by power station output power fluctuation and discontinuity, providing product support for voltage reactive power stability solutions of power plants.

Over the years, TBEA Sunoasis has always adhered to technological innovation, and its products have benefited users worldwide. In the future, it will stay true to its original aspiration and forge ahead to facilitate the development of the green energy industry in the world.