Energy storage EMS

Product Features

Customized service for module software

Customized multi-operation mode, participating in the auxiliary service market, multi-profit mode service of engineering module.

Remote control

Trend and outlier feature analysis, fault mechanism pre-analysis and diagnosis, early warning for battery anomaly, and automatic SOC calibration.

Accurate prediction of panoramic perception

Real-time acquisition and online monitoring, multi-algorithm self-correction, hybrid model multi-time scale power generation prediction, LSTM prediction analysis.

Product features

  • Big data mining and analysis

  • Life-cycle management

  • Collectivized O&M

  • Intelligent O&M

  • Mirror energy storage

Coordinating controller

  • User side

    Control peak load shaving; improve power quality; independent off-grid operation; reduce base capacity; black start.

  • Grid side

    Auxiliary services, such as frequency modulation, peak regulation and reserve, are involved in power market trading; security and stability control; emergency power supply function; friendly access to power grids.

  • Generation side

    Assist primary frequency modulation; reduce power abandonment; optimize the power operation curve of the power station; smooth power fluctuations of renewable energy power stations; support 61850, 104, Modbus and other types of communication to achieve direct communication of power grid dispatching.