Join TBEA Sunoasis to Watch “Agriculture and Tourism Integrated PV Industrial Demonstration Base” Project


Based on the advances in the PV power generation technology and the continuous decrease in cost, the trend of integration of distributed PV power generation with various sectors in application scenarios is becoming increasingly prominent, and relevant technologies embrace mature development. In addition to industrial and commercial roof projects and the building integrated PV (BIPV) that enjoy significant growth, the ecological energy development model based on agricultural production and improvement of ecological environment has recently gradually developed into an important direction for the distributed PV field.


Our Solar+Expressway demonstration project and smart solar storage and charging factory demonstration base project have been widely recognized and welcomed by the market. Today, TBEA Sunoasis Co., Ltd. continues to show you the design scheme of the agriculture and tourism integrated PV industrial demonstration base project.



What is agriculture and tourism integrated PV?


Literally, the agriculture and tourism integrated PV is a new model for the development of rural tourism, leisure agriculture and PV power generation, and a new way for industrial integration. Relied on the modern agriculture and based on the light conditions of different cash crops, a project adopts a variety of targeted mature PV applications in agriculture, determines the optimal equipment model scheme through multiple-scheme comparison and selection, and simulates and optimizes the module spacing and support height by using digital 3D design platform, to maximize the PV power generation benefits while ensuring the crop growth conditions.