Official Release! TBEA Participates in the Formulation of National Standard: Functional Specifications and Technical Requirements of Energy Router


Recently, the national standard GB/T 40097-2021, the Functional Specifications and Technical Requirements of Energy Router which was led by China Electric Power Research Institute and mainly undertaken by TBEA Xi’an Electrics Technology Co., Ltd. (TBEA Xi’an) for its compilation, was officially released upon approval of the State Administration for Market Regulation (Standardization Administration) and will be implemented on 1 December 2021.


The national standard fills the blank of standards for domestic and foreign energy router (ER) and electric power router (EPR), stipulates relevant terms, definitions, basic principles, functional specifications, technical requirements and other general standards for ER and EPR and is applicable to ER and EPR used in the planning, design and construction of the internet of energy (IOE). Besides, the standard provides typical topology of ER, examples of application scenario of IOE on the distribution side constructed by EPR and examples of typical multi-scenario and multi-type application of ER in multi-energy transformation and integration of IOE in its appendix. During formulation of the standard, TBEA Xi’an was responsible for compilation and review of several key chapters including the system structure, functional specifications and technical requirements. Based on TBEA’s technological and practical experiences of ER and EPR, TBEA Xi’an provided the standard compilation group with rich technical indicators and application cases and constantly pushed the review and amendment of the standard, which promoted the early release of the standard. As China moves rapidly towards the “dual carbon” goals, IOE is the fundamental way to achieve such goals and ER is the key equipment in realizing the internet structure of IOE. The release of this standard will provide technical support for the IOE technology development as it stipulates the design and technical requirements of ER and EPR, further improves the technical standard system of IOE and provides guidance for the development of industrial standard for new equipment needed in the new generation of flexible distribution system of IOE.

About TBEA’s EPR Product

The EPR product series of TBEA is the core equipment for mixed AC and DC micro-grid. The world’s first 10kV/1MVA EPR independently researched and developed by the company was successfully applied in the world’s first HV direct grid-connection solar plant, with main performance indicators ranking the global top.


Anhua Pilot Data Center adopts the two-stage mixed AC and DC connection structure for power distribution and supply using TBEA’s EPR cluster. The project has four voltage classes, three-stage ring network, two-stage power distribution and supply and can run by cluster. It effectively realizes efficient consumption of renewable energy, meets the requirements for power supply reliability exceeding Class A data center, greatly improves the efficiency of the entire system and the capacity of flexible integration, and realizes in-depth integration between smart grid and cloud computing.