Centralized O&M system of renewable energy power station

The centralized O&M system of renewable energy power stations upholds the lean O&M concept of "data support for every operation and maintenance act". The centralized O&M system is developed with advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing and AI; benefiting from the advantages of the special transformer electrician in the power engineering (especially the wind and light system integration capability) and the ecological chain of intelligent power equipment development, the system realizes all-round real-time collection, efficient transmission, accurate calculation, intelligent processing and multi-dimensional display through the data collection and analysis of the connected wind power and PV power projects. The system is also meaningful for the owner to carry out collectivized, accurate and life-cycle project O&M management, and helps the power station managers to clearly control the power generation performance of the power station system through c

Shortcoming analysis

  • 01

    Post-operation and maintenance

    The conventional O&M mode is post-operation and maintenance, which causes great power loss and labor cost consumption, and affects the overall income of the power station.

  • 02

    Lack of system

    A perfect operation and management system of renewable energy stations has not been established, or the system has not been implemented, resulting in different management standards and failing to shape systematic operations.

  • 03

    High O&M costs

    Conventional O&M mode requires huge human resources, which brings higher O&M costs, affecting the overall income of the project.

  • 04

    Isolated islands of information

    Conventional O&M mode is subject to station monitoring system, but fails to realize data sharing and transparent O&M, resulting in the "isolated islands of information" and hindering business development.

Product features

Fault prediction

Combined with wind and PV characteristics, the system establishes a multi-dimensional fault prediction model integrating SCADA data, EMS data and step-up substation data, which lowers the frequency of equipment failures and improves the revenue of power stations.

Data analysis

It is to further analyze the value of the data collected by the acquisition terminal, explore the hidden value and internal relationship beyond the data, and draw important summative conclusions, so as to guide the improvement of on-site operation and maintenance efficiency, the evaluation of operation and maintenance effect, and the optimization of production indicators.

Establishment of management system

Based on the operation and management experience of TBEA, a comprehensive production and operation management system is established and applied in the system to realize the standardized and transparent daily operations and maximize work efficiency.

Device Status Monitoring

Established a dynamic monitoring model integrating the three-level system of equipment, power station, and group, and combined with abnormal data characteristics to realize automatic push of fault information to maximize the efficiency of operation and maintenance;

Technical strength

  • Industry-research integration

    The system is applied in various types of TBEA power stations, and the actual demand on site is deeply analyzed and realized, which ensures better feasibility and practicability.

  • AI support

    The system is equipped with AI middleground and BI middleground for the rapid establishment and continuous optimization of big data analysis model.

  • Advanced algorithm

    There is an excellent algorithm team which, by virtue of cutting-edge technologies in AI and IoT such as image recognition, machine learning, big data and cloud computing, realizes digital management of the whole process.

  • Advanced architecture

    Industry-advanced technical architecture, based on distributed architecture, improves platform performance and product stability by combining Hbase, Storm, Kafka and other resources.

Related cases

Gold Kylin centralized control platform development project

It is an excellent case of distributed PV power. The collection data, calculation data and production data are used to establish the whole scenario index analysis, through which the company can intuitively view the operation status of each station.

Xinyi Solar Centralized Control Project

A comprehensive digital solution is provided. Service resources are integrated through the mode of "one platform, and three levels of management and control", to explore the way of lean O&M, improve the organizational and operational efficiency of the renewable energy enterprise, and help the client to obtain higher investment returns.

State Power Investment (Tianjin) Centralized Control Project

The self-owned operation management system was established and implanted into the project to form standardized operations, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.