Trading and electricity sales system

Based on the continuous accumulation of trading technology in the electricity market, the system interconnects existing information management systems and various internal and external data of electricity sales companies to realize data sharing. By combining data science with business key technologies, a business digital forecast model is established and continuously optimized to provide price forecast, load forecast, spot and medium-and long-term market trading aid decision-making for power generation companies and electricity sales companies. In this way, the system improves the organizational efficiency and operational efficiency of renewable energy enterprises and helping customers to obtain higher investment returns.

Product features

Intelligent transaction declaration

Through one-stop automatic trading assistance, such as automatically obtaining accurate price difference forecast, fully automatic day-ahead transaction declaration, automatic marking of rolling transactions, automatic pending orders of matching transactions, the efficiency of trading links is comprehensively improved, and considerable profits from electricity price are created for the station.

Medium and long-term trading decision

It mainly supports the trading of power products delivered on a quarterly, monthly, ten-day and daily basis in future, and assists both power generation/sales parties to carry out quarterly/monthly/ten-day/daily power trading in a market-oriented manner. This module includes trading calendar, market analysis, trading re-check, position analysis and so on. It supports bilateral negotiation, centralized bidding, listing and other trading methods, and optimize the combination strategy of multiple trading varieties, effectively helping medium and long-term power trading.

Spot trading aid decision-making

This product assists renewable energy power generation enterprises to participate in electricity market-oriented transactions, and improves the power generation sales and operation profitability. It focuses on output analysis, electricity price forecast and quotation, and volume reporting trading strategies, and provides overall volume reporting, quotation suggestions and declaration solutions for renewable energy power generation groups and renewable energy stations.

Information and Forecast

Gather a comprehensive transaction information database to provide customers with electricity market information, station information, weather information, etc., and use multi-dimensional market forecasting and simulation forecasting technologies to provide day-to-day and real-time node electricity price forecasts, as well as renewable energy output, load curves, etc. Accurate prediction of the position, with the goal of maximizing the overall revenue of the power station, creates the greatest value for customers.

Technical strength

  • High-quality market service

    In order to provide high-quality market services, this product, from the perspective of strengthening information sharing and promoting business integration, provides services such as market information release, supply-demand trend analysis, and intelligent decision-making review for power market players by using emerging technologies such as big data and AI.

  • Real market verification

    Developed from practical experience in operation analysis of electric power spot and auxiliary service markets in many provinces, this product covers the experience in the development and O&M of power trading auxiliary decision-making system in medium and long-term, day-ahead markets and real-time markets.

  • Multi-source data integration

    It integrates market transaction data, production data, external data, etc. as the basis for data analysis, further explores data value, manages enterprises with data, and drives business development with information.

  • Transaction rule adaptation

    Market rules for spot, medium and long-term, electricity sales and auxiliary services in several pilot provinces in China are introduced, adapting to intra-provincial transactions and inter-provincial transactions in provinces where the renewable energy spot is located such as Shanxi, Shandong, Gansu and west Inner Mongolia, and flexibly accommodating changes in market rules.

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