Zero-carbon park planning and simulation system

In view of the problems such as time consumption, great investment in human resources and limited scheme quality in the process of formulating the resource allocation planning scheme for "source-grid-load-storage" projects, a zero-carbon park planning simulation system is developed with big data mining and AI algorithm as the core technologies, and is designed to provide a powerful digital simulation tool for project resource planning under the "3060" strategy.

Product features

Dynamic simulation of energy flow

This technology integrates resources, capacity, constraints, technical indicators and other data; and backed by AI algorithm, it realizes the dynamic simulation and visualization of 8,760h energy flow in typical years.

Multi-source intelligent planning

A variety of swarm intelligent algorithms are comprehensively applied to adapt to the rapid solution and intelligent planning of optimal capacity configuration under the multi-energy, multi-objective and multi-constraint conditions. 

Resource efficiency assessment

It integrates three international authoritative meteorological resource databases, namely NASA, Meteonorm and Solargis, to provide high-quality, high-precision and efficient data retrieval and data service capabilities.

Technical strength

  • Data simulation assistant

    It supports wind, light, cold, heat and various energy storage equipment, as well as the typical 8,760-hour dynamic simulation of multi-energy flows of cold, heat and electricity. It presents a clear picture of multi-source coordinated energy supply.

  • Intelligent algorithm quality improvement

    Combining three different swarm intelligence algorithms, it can identify the optimal solution set from a large number of feasible solution sets, thus achieving the goal of improving quality and increasing efficiency.

  • Expert experience support

    This technology is jointly developed and established with design institutes, and supported by experiences and data obtained from 10+ real projects, which can carry out algorithm training and adjustment, and thus ensure efficient and reliable planning results.

  • Business data integration

    There are built-in typical energy consumption curves of 20 + industries, carbon measurement methods of 20+ industries and three international authoritative meteorological resource databases.

Related cases

Source-grid-load-storage integration project in a county industrial park

The project plans to support the planning of wind power, PV and energy storage, comprehensively utilize the typical industry database built in the system and the local policy requirements, quickly realize the trial calculation, screening and simulation of the planning scheme, and greatly improve the efficiency and quality of the planning scheme by means of digitalization, intelligence and automation.

Source-grid-load-storage project of a polysilicon industrial park

Wind power, PV and energy storage are planned in the project plan. The designers turn to the simulation function in the system to calculate the key indicators such as typical annual output, electric power curtailment rate, and carbon emission under different DC/AC ratios and different equipment models.

Source-grid-load-storage project of a new material industrial park

Wind power, PV and energy storage are planned in the project plan. Compared with the preliminary calculation results of the design institute, the results of the planning simulation system show great reductions in the electric power curtailment rate and lower investment cost of wind and solar storage while ensuring the project requirements are met.