Turnkey Solution


  • High Reliability

    Efficient and Economical  Match 182/210 photovoltaic module,DC 32/36/40  inputs,support 1.8 DC/AC ratio Max. efficiency >99.0%, European effiffifficiency >98.7%  High capacity,reduce quantity of MV equipment,reduce CAPEX

  • Highly Intelligent

    Stable andl Reliable IP65 protection,C4/C5 ant-corosion,adaptable to harsh environments Scientific thermal design,and effective cooling to improve performance

  • High Cost Performance

    Integrated and Convenient Prefabricated and tested,easy transportation and installation Modular inverter design,easy for O&M replacement and maintenance

  • High Availability

    Supportive to Grid Comply with standard IEC 62109-1/-2,EN 50530,IEC 62116,IEC 62910,IEC 60068,IEC 61683,CEA2019 SCR ~ 1.2,Low/high voltage ride through (L/HVRT) Active & reactive power and power factor control


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