C&l String Inverter

The product is applied to household and small commercial rooftop photovoltaic power stations, with a power range of 8kW~50kW. With its flexible component adaptation ability, extremely high protection and anti-corrosion level, excellent DC overload and overload capacity, complete AC/DC side protection function, friendly grid connection characteristics, and convenient operation and maintenance tools, we create an extremely safe, reliable, efficient, and intelligent rooftop photovoltaic power station for users.


  • High Cost Performance

    Support the connection of high-voltage batteries,effectively improving battery charging and discharging efficiency,Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.5,and support 1.1 times overload output capability,Support 100% imbalanced load connection

  • High Availability

    Support multiple working modes,meet various application scenarios,Off grid switching time is less than 10ms,and senseless switching of critical loads,Automatic calibration of battery SOC



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