String inverters

200/300kW series string inverters feature good grid connection, high efficiency, high PV/inverter ratio and high reliability, and serve PV power stations in many countries and regions around the world such as China, India, Asia-Pacific and Europe.


  • Grid Friendly

    Grid Friendly Specific harmonic control technology,effectively reducing THDi Impedance adaptive technology,supporting weak grid network SCR~1.0 Night SVG Fast active & reactive power response<30ms,supporting power dispatch

  • Safety and Reliability

    Safety and Reliability IP66 & C5,robust environment adaptability Intelligent cooling design Inteligent string disconnect switch,high safety

  • Effcient Power Generation

    Efficient Power Generation Maximum efficiency 99.02%,European eficiency 98.8% Optimized MPPT algorithm,ensuring maximum power generation efficiency Match 182/210 bifacial modules perfectly Higher DC/AC ratio,achieving optimal DC overload ratio to reduce LCOE

  • Intelligent Maintenance

    Intelligent Maintenance Intelligent and high precision IV curve diagnosis Anti-PID function,protecting PV module for degradation


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