Onshore flexible DC transmission system solution

In view of the national strategic goals of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality", rapidly reversing the energy structure and improving the utilization rate of renewable energy is the inevitable choice to promote high-quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. With the development and construction of large-scale onshore renewable energy bases, it is the trend of electric power development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period to use flexible DC transmission technology for the long-distance transmission of renewable energy. TBEA boasts ±800kV flexible DC transmission converter valve, and based on the technology of "DC FRT control", has designed the local port support, full-bridge lines and low-cost system schemes for onshore overhead lines. With the flexible DC system design capability for multiple application scenarios, we provide the owners with economic system schemes suitable for the delivery of renewable energy.

Technical strength

  • Modular split design ensures more safe and efficient disassembly, assembly and maintenance.

  • The volume of the converter valve is 10% smaller than that of the counterparts.

  • Multiple bypass protection design ensures zero trips for the system.

  • Quasi-military grade board card; zero faults in extreme electromagnetic compatibility environment.

  • The overall loss of the converter valve is less than 0.6%

  • Link delay is less than 25us; virtual impedance strategy.

Related cases

Kunliulong DC Project

From Kunbei Converter Station, Yunnan Province in the west to Liubei Converter Station, Guangxi and Longmen Converter Station, Guangdong Province in the east, it adopts ±800 kV three-terminal hybrid DC technology, with 1,489 kilometers of line and 8 million kilowatts of transmission capacity. It is a key trans-provincial power transmission project and a national UHV multi-terminal DC demonstration project specified in the Plan for Energy Development during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period and the Plan for Electric Power Development during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period.

Flexible DC Converter Valve

  • Flexible DC Converter Valve

    The world's first ±800kV/5000MW flexible DC transmission···