County-wide Distributed Centralized Operation System

Discussion on Operation Mode

Based on the information system, achieve seamless connection between online and offline operation by means of regional O&M.

Advantage Highlights

The distributed power station in each city/county, township and household can be visible, managed and controllable. Through the energy cloud platform, online and full examination of distributed power stations can be realized, improving O&M efficiency by more than 50%. Meanwhile, real-time monitoring and intelligent perception can also be provided to comprehensively guarantee the operation, asset and personnel safety of power stations.

  • 1

    Being active and safe due to AI enabling

  • 2

    Component optimization, best use of materials, and proper construction

  • 3

    Solar-storage integration, enhanced power grid, and proper access

Application Scenarios

Research and development project of integrated intelligent energy information management centralized

Mountain power station

Distributed power station