Application Scenarios

Use the theory and idea of industrial ecology and system analysis engineering to plan and operate industrial parks. It emphasizes not only the realization of clean production and the reduction of waste sources within each member of the park, but also the connection, cooperation and participation among members. Through the exchange of material, energy and information, a network of mutual benefits between members is formed, so as to reduce the waste discharge from the park to the outside to zero, and finally realize the coordinated progress of economy, society and environment.

Various industrial parks

Export processing zone

High-tech industrial development zone

Energy efficiency management platform

  • 1

    Three Early and One Timely

    The alarm management module in the energy efficiency platform helps enterprises find hidden dangers, understand early warnings, and give an alarm early, and deal with faults in time.

  • 2

    Integration of online and offline O&M

    The intelligent O&M module in the energy efficiency platform helps realize the integrated online and offline O&M of energy efficiency.

  • 3

    Intensive management and control

    An energy efficiency management information platform can be built to assist in intensive management and control in a visual way.

Goals Achieved

Integration of informatization, hierarchization and intelligence helps clients to reduce cost and increase efficiency, realizing safe, economic, green, efficient use of energy.