Intelligent management and control solution of single power station

China's leading digital service provider in the field of wind power photovoltaic data service, smart microgrid and energy efficiency management. Considering the actual pain points of multiple scenes, we make full use of AI, BI, big data and other advanced technologies, realize data acquisition, forwarding and storage, display control, asset management, artificial intelligence, big data value-added to provide customers with digital services and decision analysis in the field of renewable energy design consultation, construction, operation and maintenance, electricity sales, post-evaluation and other stages.

  • PV Area Monitoring System

  • Pv String IV Scanning And Intelligent Diagnosis System

    Applicable modules: mono-crystalline, polycrystalline, single-sided, double-sided, imbricated modules; applicable brackets: fixed bracket, fixed adjustable bracket. Applicable terrains: large photovoltaic power stations with little change in terrain such as flat land. It is not limited by the module brand and model, string networking mode or voltage level, but is only suitable for TBEA string inverters with V scanning function.

  • Wind-Solar Power Prediction System

    It can make power predictions for individual or regional wind farms/PV power stations, and provide clients with a full set of integrated power prediction solutions; provide cloud centralized power forecasting services for group customers to meet the needs of different customers for power forecasting; provide clients with 7*24 hours butler service and online/offline technical training anytime and anywhere through the national after-sales technical support network.