Meeting for Solar Power, TBEA Sunoasis participates in the Future Energy Show Philippines


On September 7-8, 2022, the Future Energy Show Philippines 2022 was grandly held at the SMX Exhibition Center in Manila, Philippines. TBEA Sunoasis Co. Ltd. (“TBEA Sunoasis”) participated with its 1500V inverters, STATCOM products series and intelligent PV system solutions, so as to provide specilized solutions for low-carbon development in the Philippines.


At the exhibition, TBEA Sunoasis showed its 1500V string inverter TS360KTL-HV that is designed with specific subharmonic suppression and new impedance adaptive technologies to effectively reduce current harmonics and support SCR-1.2. This product has IP66 protection grade, C5 anti-corrosion grade, and the highest conversion efficiency of 99%, matching 182/210 high-efficiency components for high-efficiency power generation. Debuted in the Philippines for the first time it has attracted the close attention of customers all over the world since its launch, with friendlier, safer, and more efficient natures.

As a tropical island country, the Philippines is one of the regions with the richest solar energy resources globally and has seen a rapid growth of its PV industry. At the site, TBEA Sunoasis booth was crowded and visitors showed great interest in inverter products. The technicians there, through product and solution explanations, acted professionally and provided considerate services for those who come to visit and consult information. Safe, friendly, and efficient TBEA Sunoasis inverter products have been widely recognized by visitors and may make a great sense in higher profits for its customers.


Further, TBEA Sunoasis, in view of power grid fluctuation due to unstable and discontinuous output power of power stations and other power quality problems of new power systems, has developed an intelligent STATCOM (SVG) with high reliability, low loss, fast response, and power-grid friendliness, to provide product support for voltage reactive power stability solutions of power stations.

Green development and low-carbon transformation have become an important trend in the world’s economic development. In the future, TBEA Sunoasis will, following the innovation-driven development, keep providing customers with better solutions to PV power generation and power quality management while constantly exerting its strength in the international new energy market to boost the global low-carbon development.